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Where the Great Books & Dante's Inferno guide the videogame renaissance.

DANTE'S INFERNO GAME: The Dante's Inferno Game is anticipating the revolutionary Kismet scripting system being developed as part of Epic's next-generation Unreal Technology. A draft of the game is currently being built as a mod for the Epic Games' rockin' Unreal Engine. The UT2004 editor is being used along with 3DS/gamespace for graphics design, postnuke with phpbb and gallery for community management, Subversion with Tortoise for code/mod/graphics versioning, and RedHat ES Linux on a Dell 2650 Server for hosting. We're looking forward to using the next generationUnreal Tournament 3 Game Engine, which will also be used in creating special effects for the movie, thereby lowering production costs while providing the next-generation Unreal reality.
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Autumn Rangers is a Journey. It is a novel, a screenplay, and a video game.
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Dante's Inferno Game
by Dr. Elliot McGucken

Welcome to Dante's Inferno Game! We're brand new! Sign up to be notified as we get underway!

Dante’s Inferno is a first-person shooter that will be built with the Kismet Visual Scripting System™ included in the Unreal 3.0 Engine® that will be released with Unreal Tournament 2007®. The game may also be built with open source engines or GarageGames.com's Torque engine. At any rate, we aim to become a repository for content supporting Dante's Inferno, built upon Open Source CMS with a 22surf philosophy.

With its classic story, fierce demons, rich imagery, and a cornucopia of pre-existing classical art depicting a descent through nine levels of Hell on towards the three-headed Satan himself, The Inferno naturally implies a video game.

Gameplay: In the Great Books Game’s version, Dante must save the sinners from their demons—demons that have overtaken their bodies and transformed them into monsters. In each level of Hell, Dante battles the ever-more-sinister monsters, and upon defeating them, the original sinner is separated from the demon and allowed to escape to purgatory. Dante must separate the sinners from their sins to descend to the next level, en route to battling Satan.

Design Team: Great Books Games is currently recruiting artists and level designers to help realize a version of Dante’s Inferno that’s as close as possible to Dante’s original version. The official development will start in 2006, with the release of Unreal 2007.

Blending Public Domain & Proprietary: The game will utilize public domain art, music, art, and architecture, and it will release both educational and commercial versions of the game.

Design Philosophy: Modders may donate art and artwork utilizing Creative Commons licenses, or GBG may pay for the design/development of certain aspects of the game. GBG will develop an archive of artwork for Dante’s Inferno as well as other Great Books including the Iliad and Odyssey, both public domain and proprietary, allowing the artists to define their rights and the price of their work.

Soundtrack: As Beethoven wrote nine symphonies and the Inferno has nine levels, Beethoven’s symphonies will accompany Dante during his descent through Hell. Imagine battling Satan to Beethoven’s ninth!!!

Join Us! Come one, come all, to greatbooksgames.com and dantesinfernogame.com. Whether you’re a modder, gamer, teacher, or fan of classical literature, come join us on this Great Books Games journey!

Welcome to GREAT BOOKS GAMES! We're brand new! Sign up to be notified as we get underway! And join us in our classicstorytelling.com forums! Also check out Autumn Rangers, which was also inspired by Dante's Inferno.

Great Books Games aims to develop gaming franchises centered about rich stories contained in the Great Books. Dante's Inferno, with it's descent through nine levels of Hell and ever-more-sinster demons leading to a three-headed Satan, is the obvious place to start.

By using a combination of Open Source and proprietary philosophies, Great Books Games will marry public domain art, music, stories, and architecture to cutting-edge, proprietary game engines such as Epic's Unreal 3 engine, which will include the Kismet Visual Scripting System that will empower storytellers as game developers.

GBG aims to create a public domain archive for art and architecture to support games based on classic stories, while also developing an Open Source content, collaboration, workflow, and community management system to support virtual game companies.

While EA says tomorrow's games will cost more, GBG believes tomorrow's games will cost less, thanks to new game development paradigms based on technology's inevitable march and Open Source philosophies:

1) Great Books Games will inspire enduring franchises: as the technology advances, the story will stay the same. Dante's Inferno can continue inspiring next-generation games for hundreds of years.
2) GBG games will have great educational value: as long as kids/teens are shooting/flying/racing, why not expose them to classical art and literature?
3) GBG will inspire cool, positive publicity, encouraging parents to purchase the games and schools and libraries to stock them.
4) The games will have long shelf-lives: even an older version of The Odyssey will retain its aesthetic and educational appeal.
5) GBG can take advantage of public domain art, architecture, and music: rich games can be made at a fraction of the cost, and classical content can be modded and integrated by a small team.
6) Various stories/books can be blended in a seamless world, so that a player can meet the famous philosophers and characters, descending into Dante's Inferno and then fighting the Battle of Troy, with Beethoven playing in the background.
7) In multi-player mode, players could enter a giant game world as classical characters, such as Hamlet, Dante, or Juliet, where they could play different levels, corresponding to the classics.
8) As Hollywood and gaming merge, and storytelling becomes more pervasive in games, Joseph Campbell's Hero with a Thousand Faces can be manifested time and again within GBG.
9) After Dante's Inferno and The Odyssey, GBG could explore developing gaming worlds for famous historical battles, ranging from The Iliad to the Civil War, or giving tours of the Sistine Chapel or Parthenon.
10) By using a cutting-edge game engine such as Epic's Unreal 3 Engine, a small team could become a first mover in creating a lasting brand.
11) By developing and providing a suite of Open Source community/content/collaboration/workflow tools to modders, artists, and storytellers all around the world, Great Books Games aims to help foster new paradigms in game development.

The first ten Great Books Games will be:

1. Dante's Inferno
2. The Iliad
3. The Odyssey
4. Shakespeare's Hamlet
5. Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet
6. The Red Badge of Courage (Civil War)
7. Moby Dick
8. Treasure Island
9. Bible Stories
10. The Aeneid

GBG games could take place in both classical and contemporary settings. For instance, Dante's Inferno could present a classical interpretation of hell exactly as Dante described it, and/or it could be modded to present a contemporary hell, complete with Grand Theft Auto-like characters, corrupt politicians, infamous lawyers, Wall Street hypesters, and other "sinners." An Open Source approach to content built upon a cutting-edge game engine would foster hybrid games.

G R E A T B O O K S G A M E S . C O M
Nine levels of Hell. A three-headed Satan. One final duel!!





or Garage Games Torque Engine®.
Dante's Inferno Game

Discuss the Gameplay/Art/Story/Structure in our Forums!

 Canto Region Sin People Punishments

Preface to the Journey

Canto 1  The dark wood  Despair Dante; the three beasts; Virgil n/a 
 Canto 2 The descent Fear Dante, Virgil n/a 

The Gate of Hell

Canto 3  Vestibule of Hell The neutral;
Pope Celestine V;
Stung by insects; running after banners
Canto 4  Circle 1 Virtuous pagans;
unbaptized infants
Homer, Socrates, Plato and other great pagans  Afflicted by melancholy; desire without hope
Canto 5  Circle 2



The lustful

Minos send the wicked to everlasting torment, the good to the Elysian Fields

Dido; Paulo and Francesca



Blown forever by
stormy winds

Canto 6 Circle 3 The gluttons Ciacco Lying in mud, besieged by snow, hail and filthy water.
Guarded by Cerebus
Canto 7

Circle 4

Circle 5

The avaricious, prodigal;

The angry  


Condemned to useless labor

Attacking one another

Canto 8 Circle 5 The sullen   Submerged in Styx, sighs rippling the water.

Transition to Lower Hell
The Realm of Violence and Fraud

Canto 9 Circle 6 Wall of the City of Dis The Furies;
Heavenly Messenger
Canto 10
Canto 11
 Circle 6 The heretics Cavalcanti, Farinata; tomb prepared for Pope Anastasius Confined in burning tombs
Canto 12 Circle 7
- Round 1
Violent against neighbors and fellow men: murderers, war makers, homicides

Alexander the Great
Attila the Hun

Chiron & Nessus

Submerged in hot blood

Guarded by centaurs, who shoot any soul which attempts to rise

Canto 13 - Round 2 Violent against Self (suicides)  della Vigna Enclosed in new bodies, as trees and bushes in a black, tangled wood.
Canto 14 - Round 3 Violent against God:
blasphemers, sodomites, usurers
- stretched on burning sand
- running on burning sand
- huddled on burning sand
Canto 15 Round 3 cont. Sodomite Brunetto Latini  Running

Canto 16 - Circle 8 - MALEBOGE
The Realm of Simple Fraud

Canto 17 - Bolgia 1 Panders and seducers   Whipped by devils
Canto 18 - Bolgia 2 Flatterers Jason and others Covered with filth
Canto 19 - Bolgia 3 Simonists (sell ecclesiastical favors) Pope Nicholas III Turned upside down; fire on feet
Canto 20 - Bolgia 4 Fortune Tellers;
Tieresias and others Heads twisted; turned backwards
Canto 21
Canto 22
- Bolgia 5 Grafters Covered by boiling pitch; harassed by devils
Canto 23 - Bolgia 6 Hypocrites Caiaphas Clad in leaden mantles
Canto 24
Canto 25
- Bolgia 7 Thieves Vanni Fucci Trapped in snake pit; hands bound
Canto 26
Canto 27
- Bolgia 8  Evil counselors Ulysses, Diomede, Guido Concealed in flames
Canto 28 - Bolgia 9 Sowers of Discord Mahomet Wounded, mutilated
Canto 29 - Bolgia 10 Alchemists   Diseased
Canto 30 - Bolgia 10 Impersonators, Counterfeiters, False Witnesses Sinon Abusing one another
Canto 31 Edge of Pit Elemental Natures Giants: Nimrod, Ephialtes, Briareus, Tityos, Typon, Anteaus Consigned to the depths of the earth

Canto 32 - Circle 9 - Cocytus - Realm of Compound Fraud

Treachery against those to whom sinners have special ties

Canto 32 Round 1
Traitors to family   Held in ice, heads bent forward
Canto 33 Round 2
Traitors to country Archbishop Ruggieri;
Gripped by ice
Canto 33
Round 3
Murderers of Guests   Held in ice; heads bent backwards
 Canto 34 Round 3
Traitors to lords and benefactors; those who set out to destroy the rightful God. Judas, Brutus, Cassius,
At the center of the Earth, completely submerged in ice. The three ultimate traitors are held in Lucifer's three mouths. Lucifer's three wings send forth freezing blasts of impotence, ignorance and hatred.
Canto 34  Round 3
The Ultimate Destroyer Lucifer Lucifer's three wings send forth freezing blasts of impotence, ignorance and hatred.

Gamedev.net links to us!
Posted by: astro on Jun 28, 2005 - 10:41 AM
Gamedev.net links to GreatBooksGames.com! Here are some user comments:

"I think it's a wonderful idea. Brings great literature works to people who may otherwise have little or no exposure to it. Gameplay will be tough to derive from some of the books, and I'm curious as to how true to form the games will be, but overall i think it's long overdue. I'd love to work for a company that made games like that...."

"The key word here is "Adaptation." Narrow minded people still feel as though every adaptation must follow every detail of its predessor in order to be acceptable. Alice was a fantastic game and a true artistic acheivement and American McGee is a genious ahead of his time. I know that the generations to come will be studying the popular (Doom) and obscure titles (Scrapland) that he designed.

A game from a great book is not trying to replace that great book, but rather to express the interpretation of an artist. No one could ever replace the actual fantastic text of Dante's Inferno or the entire Divine Comedy. I recommend those who want to understand the topic of adaptations watch the movie "Adaptation" written by the Kauffman brothers and directed by Spike Jones. Then you can see what it really means to be an artist trying to create an adaptation.

I still laugh when I hear people complain about Tom Bombadil not being in the LoTR movies, yet most of those people still beleive those movies were pretty kickass films. "Being true to the original" is considered such an archaic and narrow minded idea in true scholastic literary circles. Literary criticism is all about presenting and interpreting in new ways. And if you don't like games changing and being considered as art, then you are probably in the wrong industry. Games have and will always be about presenting things in new and different ways."

Read the rest!
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· Gamedev.net links to us! (Jun 28, 2005)
What role will storytelling play in video games?

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· A smaller role.
· It never has and never will play any role.
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